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Advocates for a diverse, competent, and sustainable behavioral healthcare workforce.

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Contribute $49 for advocacy and committee voting rights. COMBINE is a registered nonpartisan nonprofit small donor political committee.  Your contribution is not tax deductible.   Email to subscribe to our list, no charge. 


Medicaid members enjoy legal protections and payers and the state possess resources providers lack.  Together we can offer experience and commitment when advocating for the maintenance and improvement of mental healthcare delivery for Colorado.


The world of public healthcare has history, tensions, and a future.  COMBINE educates members about opportunities, rules, policy, and the actors in Colorado that determine our Medicaid behavioral healthcare future. 


Administered by both the federal and state governments, and managed by for-profit and non-profit corporations, state level legislators have influence over Medicaid policy.  COMBINE vets and endorses candidates and scores their actions as legislators.

Welcome to COMBINE

COMBINE is a member driven nonpartisan registered small donor political committee advocating for a diverse, competent, and sustainable Medicaid behavioral healthcare workforce in Colorado.  

Members are both professionals that provide Medicaid behavioral healthcare and the public. 

COMBINE analyzed the recommendations in the Blueprint to seek common priorities with the task force.  The spreadsheet for tracking progress is public and displays comments and suggestions.

Colorado Medicaid Behavioral Health Provider Network

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