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2022 dues are $99. COMBINE is a 501c4 nonprofit trade association and a  registered nonpartisan nonprofit Small Donor Political Committee.  Contributions not tax deductible.   

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September 23, 2022, UPDATE.  DORA/HCPF release yet-another-draft of the RAE/HCPF supervision policy.  They have relaxed the 2+ years post-licensure requirement, but are still excluding supervisors deemed safe to supervise by DORA, who have a stipulation. 

September 21, 2022  Read COMBINE's concern letter regarding RAE/HCPF supervision policy.  This proposed policy will reduce the available supervision workforce and extends RAE/HCPF reach into DORA's responsibilities to license and regulate supervision.

August 19, 2022   HCPF released their narrative regarding huge disparity in rates received by the independent provider network compared to CMHC rates. The report is neither "independent" as required by law, nor complete.   Read their report.  Read COMBINE's response. 

Are you....

  • Part of the independent provider network (IPN) and feel frustrated and alone working within Colorado's Medicaid system? 
  • Interested in becoming part of the IPN, but feel overwhelmed by the process and the challenges your IPN colleagues face in working with Medicaid?

If so, you're in the right place. You are not alone.

Welcome to COMBINE

COMBINE: Colorado Medicaid Behavioral Health Provider Network brings together Coloradans concerned about the delivery of behavioral healthcare for the Medicaid population. COMBINE is a member driven nonpartisan registered small donor political committee advocating for a diverse, competent, and sustainable Medicaid behavioral healthcare workforce in Colorado.  

Members are both professionals that provide Medicaid behavioral healthcare and the public. COMBINE offers mutual aid to members of the IPN and empowers members to advocate for a behavioral healthcare system that includes the IPN. Join us!

What We're Doing


Medicaid members enjoy legal protections and payers and the state possess resources providers lack.  Together we can offer experience and commitment when advocating for the maintenance and improvement of mental healthcare delivery for Colorado.


The world of public healthcare has history, tensions, and a future.  COMBINE educates members about opportunities, rules, policy, and the actors in Colorado that determine our Medicaid behavioral healthcare future. 

Read more about mental health in Colorado on our "News" page or news about insurance companies here.


Administered by both the federal and state governments, and managed by for-profit and non-profit corporations, state level legislators have influence over Medicaid policy.  COMBINE vets and endorses candidates and scores their actions as legislators.

If you're new to COMBINE and want to know more about what we're about, go to our "For New Members" page.

What We've Helped Accomplish

Below is a snapshot of what COMBINE has helped to accomplish. Go here to see a full list of what we've done.

  • We helped draft the Medicaid Rate Report (HB22-1268), introduced by Reps. Amabile and Holtorf, and "The Medicaid Mental Health Care Prior Authorization and Recoupment Regulation" bill (SB22-156) sponsored by Senate President Fenberg. SB22-156 provides protection for providers from recoupment of paid claims, and limits prior authorization for outpatient care.
  • Advocated for dual enrolled Medicaid/Medicare patients to receive care from LPCs, who cannot participate in Medicare. Approved January 2022.
  • HCPF is now meeting with small representative groups from the IPN.
  • HCPF put recoupment limits of 365 days into RAE contracts.
  • As of February 2022, we have established monthly executive level meetings with CCHA.
  • CCHA stopped their prior authorization requirement, dropped recoupment, and amended their clawback period to 1 year from time of payment.
  • Automatic denials of F64 (gender dysphoria and associated codes) rescinded as of July 1, 2022, manually override of denials required Mar-July 2022.
  • Received clarification from CDPHE, HCPF, OBH, and RAEs, that not all mental healthcare clinics have to apply for expensive Behavioral Health Entity licensing.

What We're Working On


  • Legislative Audit Committee expansion of OSA authority to audit RAEs and other system elements. 
  • Sensible supervision policies for pre-licensure interns and externs. 
  • Increase family/couple (CPT 90847) rates to equal or exceed individual rates (CPT 90837)
  • Claim cycle regulations for Medicaid that are the same as for Commercial
  • Rate setting regulation for RAEs/ HCPF
  • Enforce transparency and accuracy in network adequacy reports
  • Transparent medical loss ratio data

Do you have a complaint for HCPF?

If so, you can submit your complaint via the Health First Colorado Managed Care Provider Complaint Form.

Advocacy Resources

COMBINE analyzed the recommendations in the Blueprint to seek common priorities with the task force.  The spreadsheet for tracking progress is public and displays comments and suggestions.


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