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RAE MLR reports to HCPF (retrieved February 9, 2024). These are reports regarding the fundemental statistic that governs menaged care, the "medical loss ratio."

Click here to download the entire collection as a .zip file. (5 megabytes).

Click 'download' to retrieve an individual file. 

 Region 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23 23-24
 RAE 1 (United Healthcare/ Rocky)downloaddownloaddownload *download 
 RAE 2 (Carelon/Beacon/Northeast Health)download
download *download
 RAE 3 (Colorado Access)downloaddownloaddownloaddownload 
 RAE 4 (Carelon/Beacon/Health Colorado)downloaddownloaddownloaddownload 
 RAE 5 (Colorado Access)downloaddownloaddownloaddownload 
 RAE 6 (Carelon/Anthem/CCHA)downloaddownloaddownload
 RAE 7 (Carelon/Anthem/CCHA)downloaddownloaddownloaddownload 
 RAE 8 (Denver Health/ Colorado Access)downloaddownloaddownloaddownload 

(*) Notes:

RAE 1 produced two prior MLR reports for 21-22, which are version 1, and version 2.  Version 3 is available above. 

RAE 2 in 21-22 produced a version 1 file. Version 2 is in the table above. 

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