Colorado Medicaid Behavioral Health Provider Network

COMBINE advocates for a diverse, competent, and sustainable behavioral healthcare workforce.

Counselors - Peers - Marriage and Family Therapists - Addiction Counselors - Psychologists - Social Workers - Pre-licensure Professionals - Interns

COMBINE is actively working to improve the Medicaid mental healthcare system. Here are some of our current positions, endeavors and campaigns:

  • End managed care in Colorado for mental healthcare and get back to fee-for-service.

  • Ensure continuity of care so that clients working with pre-licensure therapists who were working under someone else's supervision can continue seeing their established therapist while the therapist waits to receive their own RAE contract.
  • Allow Medicaid members to pay for service when they can't find a provider or service is denied by a prior authorization rejection.
  • Assist Providers for CHP+ in contracting with new CHP+ payers. 
  • Pass the Audit Committee Audit Bill
  • Increase rates for family and group therapy.
  • End the practice of the 90837 "education" letters. 
  • Restore telephone as an allowed service. CDPHE is wanting to end this as part of the new BHE license process.
  • Ensure appropriate licensure process for outpatient therapy for no fee.
  • RAEs promised "reduced paperwork" and eliminating CCAR was part of that promise. There is pressure to re-introduce CCAR. We want to prevent that.

  • Ensure that people ordered into court-ordered therapy must be notified that their insurance cannot deny just because the therapy is court ordered. 
  • For next fall, we'd like to have audit consequences limited to education for the first audit of a situation, and recoupment could happen if fixes weren't made.
  • We are working to establish a "private right of action" for HB19-1269 Parity so we can access the courts and sue when there are parity violations. (in progress)
  • Repair from the 20% cut to CCHA rates Nov 2019. (still in process)
  • Legislation from the Legislative Audit Committee to audit rates (2022), from Center Audit legislation (2019)
  • Organize COMBINE as a trade association and political committee. (in progress from Dec 2020)
  • Develop legislator support. (in progress)
  • Develop outreach to allied organizations. (in progress)
  • Orientation materials for newcomers. (in progress)
  • Include Medicaid members and their families directly in advocacy work. 

Colorado Medicaid Behavioral Health Provider Network

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