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"Sunshine," transparency, and visibility into the public health apparatus is crucial for oversight.  Transparency reduces "regulatory capture" where contracted managed care entities become so close with the Colorado department that administers Medicaid that providers and members are disadvantaged. 

Colorado has a signficant Open Records Act, called CORA.  More information can be found on the Colorado Secretary of State website here. 

Colorado's Medicaid department, Health Care Policy and Finance has a CORA Portal here. 

"Generally, a public record is any document that is made, maintained, or kept by HCPF for use in the exercise of its functions. "Public record" includes all writings, correspondence, books, papers, maps, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, or other documentary materials, regardless of physical form or characteristics. It also includes digitally stored data, electronic mail messages (e-mail), but does not include computer software.

"Records that fall under the allowed exemptions allowed in the statute are not considered public records and can be withheld from disclosure."

"Some HCPF records are exempt from public inspection. Records that contain protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), confidential financial, trade secret, proprietary, or privileged information are exempt from public disclosure. More information about public records and exemptions can be found in the Act, C.R.S. § 24-72-202, et. seq."

HCPF requires reporting at intervals from managed care entities ("Regional Accountability Entities").  These are typically called "DELIVERABLES" and they are mandated by contact.  All the RAE contracts are here.  Contracts also describe various performance standards that can be search for using  "PERFORMANCE STANDARD"

Of interest to the provider community and Colorado tax payers are deliverables that relate to network adequacy (including provider rosters) and financial information. 

See Section 9 of the RAE contracts for Network Adequacy deliverables (quarterly reports, quarterly flat files, annual reports). 

See Section 14 for the financial deliverables, which relate to the federally required "Medical Loss Ratio." 

Search contracts for "DELIVERABLE: Provider Call Line Statistics Report" for support call center deliverables.

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