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COMBINE: Colorado Medicaid Behavioral Health Provider Network brings together Coloradans concerned about the delivery of behavioral healthcare for the Medicaid population. 

The task of providing mental health care falls on a variety of professions, including peers, interns, counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, addiction specialists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.  COMBINE offers the provider community information, advocacy, and leadership opportunities. 

Formed as a non-partisan political committee, COMBINE seeks to improve delivery of Medicaid mental health services through state level policy, rule making, and legislation.   The COMBINE political committee contributes to campaigns and issue efforts. 


Psychologically healthy Medicaid members served by a diverse, competent, and sustainable behavioral healthcare workforce.


Recognizing the unique position Medicaid behavioral health holds in Colorado, COMBINE educates and advocates for the Medicaid provider community, including licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, addiction specialists, marriage and family therapists, and psychologists.  


  • Dignity, respect, and care for Medicaid members and the providers who serve them.
  • A diverse, competent, and sustainable Medicaid behavioral healthcare workforce.
  • Understanding and mitigating historical and current impacts of stigma, discrimination, and oppression in behavioral health care.


  • Increase participation by providers in Medicaid behavioral health.
  • Increase diversity in the Medicaid behavioral health workforce.
  • Create and influence Medicaid behavioral health policy at the state level in Colorado. 

   COMBINE governance is developing in 2022. Get involved by subscribing or joining as a member. 

   Some current members... 

Lisa Michelle Griffiths, PsyD, Colorado Licensed Psychologist, Center for Valued Living, PLLC (C4VL)


Kelly Bianucci, Operating Chair, The Child & Family Therapy Center of Denver, Westminster, Greenwood Village


Dennis Bianucci, Retired Principal, Deloitte Consulting, Volunteer


Lyndsey Ryan, LPC, LAC, ACS, Executive Director & Psychotherapist, Integrating Insights


Andrew Rose, LPC, Executive Director, Boulder Emotional Wellness Community Mental Health Clinic


Niki Saigeon, LCSW, Art of Healing, LLC, Owner, Therapist, Colorado Springs

Colorado Medicaid Behavioral Health Provider Network

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Donation goal

Collected: $13,674.00
Goal: $18,000.00
Larger clinics that see real benefits from COMBINE efforts please donate 1/10th of 1% of Medicaid revenue. (e.g. $500 on $500,000)

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