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reaca Pearl, A Beginner's Guide to Trans 101

"I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Colorado, Michigan, and New Jersey and a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner with a Professional Counselor certificate in Nebraska. My pronouns are they/them/theirs. Being a sexual trauma therapist led me to a gender specialty as well. It's been my experience - and it's backed up by the research - that marginalized groups are at greater risk for violence. I firmly believe in all humans' fundamental right to feel safe and comfortable in their own bodies. Since it's not always safe for folx to present authentically I have made it part of my life's work to actively work for human rights. I am also the founder of the Transgender Cultural Competency Workgroup for a major U.S. health insurance company. This included developing and launching the education and inclusivity initiative for enterprise-wide training. I am an activist - or inspired actionist as I've dubbed it - an educator, a writer, therapist, mindful-empowerment coach, Reiki Master, inner voice enthuse, and above all a passionate human who sees the brilliant potential in all beings."

Diverse Counselors' Voices:  African American voices

Fiona Cochran LMFT, specializes in couples and sex therapy and providing supervision to new clinicians. Fiona identifies as a Person of Color, neurodiverse, and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. She aims to work with marginalized and underrepresented populations. Fiona is currently pursuing a Ph. D in Clinical Sexology.

Danica LeBlanc, is an esteemed mental health advocate, psychotherapist, and dedicated professional. She strives to empower diverse communities through engaging talks, promoting individuality in inclusive spaces, and fostering equity.

Danica fearlessly addresses the intersectionality of race, identity, and mental well-being. Her passion lies in dismantling stigmas, bridging cultural nuances and mental health in BIPOC communities, and empowering individuals to reclaim their inner strength and embrace their authentic selves. When not immersed in professional pursuits, she can be found exploring new destinations, where she immerses herself in diverse cultures, fostering empathy and a global perspective.

Marcus Poindexter, LCSW is a practitioner and social researcher in a variety of settings. Passionate about his work, Marcus is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable individuals and families by addressing social injustice and equity issues among the BIPOC LGBTQIAA and incarcerated populace. He does this work by cultivating a collaborative and culturally humble space using a solution-focused approach to enhance the lives of marginalized people. Marcus holds an MSW from the University of Pittsburgh and a BS in Special Education from Slippery Rock University.

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