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2007 Colorado HJR07-1050 Behavioral Health Task Force Report

  • 3 Jan 2021 5:55 PM
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    Andrew Rose (Administrator)

    "In 2007, the Colorado Legislature passed House Joint Resolution 07-1050, creating a task force for the study of behavioral health funding and treatment in Colorado (“1050 Task Force”)."

    The 1050 Task Force’s final report prepares Colorado for an integrated behavioral health system by providing the foundation for coordinated efforts across systems.

    "The Guiding Principles for an integrated behavioral health care system in Colorado are:

    • Equal, Timely Access to a Full Continuum of Services
    • Equal Partners: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Primary Care:
    • Health and Wellness Promotion
    • Data Driven
    • Sustainable Change and Leadership
    • Adult, Youth, and Child Consumer and Family Participation
    • Culturally Responsive System and Services

    Recommendation #1, that Colorado establish a Behavioral Health Commission (“Commission”) with leadership from the three branches of state government, adult and youth consumers and families, providers, and communities. 

    Recommendation #2, Shared Outcomes proposes developing and implementing a set of shared outcomes across key systems to enable joint accountability and to improve the lives of Colorado’s adult, youth, and child consumers with behavioral health issues, their families, and the communities in which they live.

    Recommendation #3, Alignment of Service Areas proposes the alignment of service areas across systems so that adult, youth, and child consumers and their families have equitable, timely access to a full continuum of services provided through an integrated behavioral health system regardless of where they live in Colorado.

    Recommendation #4, Joint Auditing across Systems recommends the expanded use of joint auditing across systems, which could include fiscal and/or programmatic audits.

    Recommendation #5, Joint Budget Planning across Systems addresses the need for a multi-year joint budget and strategic planning process across departments to support long term and cross-system needs.

    Recommendation #6, Integrated Behavioral Health Policies, Rules and Regulations addresses the barriers created by state and federal funding requirements that make collaboration and integration of mental health and substance abuse services difficult at the local level.

    Recommendation #7, Financing Reform to Support an Integrated Behavioral Health System addresses financing reform to maximize and efficiently utilize funds to support an integrated behavioral health system.

    Recommendation #8, Electronic Cross-System Data Collection, Sharing, and Evaluation proposes the use of electronic cross-system data collection, sharing, and evaluation, including an electronic health record and shared screening tools, assessments, and evaluations.

    Recommendations #9, Cultural Competency

    Recommendation #10, Adult, Youth, and Child Consumer and Family Involvement recommends that Colorado adopt consistent cross-system standards for cultural competency/responsiveness and for adult, youth, and child consumer and family involvement.

    • Recommendation #11, Work Force Development addresses the need for workforce development strategies for an integrated behavioral health system.

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